Buddy Bench


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“Providing a safe and fun learning environment for our student has been one of our districts goals. The Buddy Bench looks like a great way to work toward accomplishing our mission!”
– Pennsylvania School Board Member

“I would have never thought that something as simple as a single Buddy Bench out on the playground could make such a difference. What a great concept!”
– Elementary School Teacher, Jackson Elementary

What a playground should be

A beautiful well designed modern public playground should be a place that brings great joy to our children. A place where our children are provided with the opportunity to develop the social, mental, and physical skills that they need to grow.

On the playground, children should be engaged when participating in unstructured play with their peers, allowing their imaginations to run free. Research suggests that these unstructured play opportunities promote a child’s ability later in life to become a more creative productive member of society. We believe that play really is the work of children.

River Valley Recreation is pleased to offer an innovative solution to a common problem on the playground.

Playground Problems
Experts say that including kids who are alone at recess or on the playground helps combat bullying, a common problem in schools and public play areas. Bullying involves hurting or threatening another person through teasing, physical violence, exclusion (leaving them out of activities), and more.

According to the National Association of School Psychologists, as many as 30 percent of U.S. students have been bullied or have been a bully. Bullying can have lasting negative effects on the mental health and well-being of both victims and their bullies.

Battling Bullying
The Buddy Bench concept was started in Europe and has recently made its way to North America. The bench creates a visual cue to other children on the playground that someone sitting on it is feeling left out or needs a friend to play with. We envision a bench out on the playground where hundreds of new friendships will be made. But just as important, the Buddy Bench will help to create a playground culture of caring and inclusion. It challenges children to support their peers and empowers them to be part of the solution.