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Accessible Playground Equipment

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Are you looking for inclusive play structures created to meet the unique needs of children with wheelchairs or those with autism, sensory or cognitive disorders? Our team can design and build a custom playground for children with diverse abilities, incorporating physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive and communication enrichment opportunities.

Our playgrounds are designed to meet minimum ADA requirements and can include any or all of the features listed below. Plus, when you work with River Valley Recreation, we handle the project from initial design and playground installation to complete warranty service. Our skilled team can even provide options for ongoing playground maintenance to keep your play area looking great.

Inclusive Play Features:

An inclusive playground allows children of all ages and abilities to play, push themselves and have fun. Wheelchair-accessible playground equipment goes beyond basic accessibility to ensure every child has a welcoming and enjoyable experience. At River Valley Recreation, our inclusive playground equipment includes the following solutions:

accessible ramps and entry points

Access Points

Ramps, handles, and transfer stations can be added to assist children to access play areas or transfer from wheelchairs without creating obstacles or interrupting play.

round swing and carrier type swing


Our adaptive swings feature molded seats with high backs and an adjustable harness to maintain a neutral body position. Disc swings support multiple users, encourage whole-body awareness and can be used by children and their caregivers.

tunnel and pod type playground accessory

Cozy Spots

You can create semi-enclosed, quiet spaces throughout your play structure with our products, allowing children to retreat until they are ready to play. Examples of these structures include under-deck seating, crawl tubes and the SpinMAX Pod.

sensory playground accessories

Sensory Activities

We offer a variety of features that help children explore and develop their tactile, auditory and visual senses. Some components also incorporate movement and create opportunities to explore cause-and-effect relationships.

seesaw and turntable accessory

Motion Activities

Components like the inclusive Merry-Go-Round stimulate social engagement with up to 12 seats and multiple ways to spin. We also offer the TransGlide, which provides social play and rocking while easily accommodating mobility devices.

steering wheel accessory

Social Activities

Inclusive play panels provide immersive fun with multiplayer games and themed activities encouraging cooperation and engaged socialization. Adding these elements to your playground enables children to have an exciting time while developing social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Sensory Playground Equipment

Incorporating our range of sensory playground equipment into your structure’s design is one approach to building a playground accessible to all children. This special play equipment caters to the particular sensory processing demands of children who are on the autism spectrum or have special sensory needs. By adding these elements, you enable these individuals to play independently while among others without becoming overwhelmed by the loudness and intensity of a playground.

Children on the autism spectrum may have difficulty socializing and playing with others. With our sensory play equipment, you can offer fascinating sensory experiences for these individuals and give them an opportunity to enjoy using your playground with other children. 

We built this school playground particularly for children with autism. During the design process, our team made sure to include components that aid in developing sensory functions. Our team also incorporated a rubber safety surface to facilitate wheelchair access. The result was an area where children with autism could freely play and enjoy time with their peers.

Benefits of Commercial Accessible Playground Play Equipment

Wheelchair-accessible inclusive playgrounds benefit children of all abilities by developing various vital skills, such as:

  • Academic growth: Our products include activity panels encouraging kids to learn numbers, the alphabet, Braille and other concepts.
  • Sensory development: Our thematic selections enable children to create, move, listen and watch movement and vibrant colors.
  • Athletic progress: Our accessible commercial playgrounds motivate children to improve their physical fitness while having an enjoyable time.
  • Emotional intelligence: Our playgrounds have various tasks and challenges to provide opportunities for children to gain self-esteem and self-reliance.
  • Social development: Our products help children learn to agree on rules, take turns and participate in group activities, which are abilities that will be helpful in other areas of their lives.
older child on ropes course

Talk to Us About Our Inclusive Playground Equipment

Located in Wrightsville, PA, our experienced team designs and installs wheelchair-accessible commercial playground systems for clients throughout PA, MD, DE and NJ. Ready to explore inclusive and immersive play options for your playground project? Get in touch with us!

Ready to explore inclusive and immersive play options for your playground project? Get in touch with us!