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Foamstream Weed Control for Playground Maintenance

Introducing Herbicide-free Vegetation Control & Sanitation for Playgrounds, Public Spaces & Urban Areas

Want to get rid of unwanted vegetation and keep weeds at bay WITHOUT dangerous chemicals?
Interested in chemical-free sanitation to keep your playground equipment, parks, and urban areas clean?
Need effective weed control or sanitation that won’t damage sensitive waterways?

Get the results you want with herbicide-free weed treatment and sanitation solutions that are safe for people, children, pets, and the environment!

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How It Works

Vegetation Treatment

Our patented low-pressure process combines hot water and biodegradable foam, made from natural plant oils and sugars, to control unwanted vegetation including weeds, moss, and algae.

The key ingredient in the process is the hot water. The biodegradable foam simply acts as an insulating blanket to keep heat from escaping too quickly. This trapped heat penetrates the waxy outer layer of plants, traveling down the stem to the roots – killing or severely damaging the plant, causing it to die.

The longer a plant is kept in the kill zone temperature (above 135 degrees F) the more effective the treatment. The Foamstream system is designed to keep plants in the kill zone for longer than any other alternative thermal method on the market today!

In addition to killing problem plants, Foamstream also sterilizes surrounding seeds and spores, helping to reduce future weed growth. That means fewer treatment cycles per year and significant savings for you!

Ready to take control of weeds in your public park, playground, or urban area?

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Sanitation / Urban Space Management

before and after photo of foam cleaner on exterior stain

Unlike high-pressure washers which often damage surfaces, our Foamstream system delivers the same results with much lower pressure. We use a variety of tools to direct the flow of hot water and environmentally-friendly foam right where we need it most.

Perfect for:

Plus, our foam and hot water system uses NO CHEMICALS so it is safe for use around sensitive waterways!

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