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Playground Design That’s A Cut Above

Whether you’re replacing an old playground set or want to create a whole new playground from scratch, our design team is here to work with you every step of the way. We know you have a vision for your playground. We’re here to help you refine that vision from initial planning to a set of rendered drawings that show you every detail.

We design outdoor play equipment systems for schools, community parks, HOA’s, daycare centers, and landscape architects throughout PA, MD, DE, and NJ.

Our Process

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Information Gathering

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We start the playground design process by listening and gathering information. We’ll ask you about the age groups your playground will serve. We’ll talk about how many people will be using your playground at anyone time.

We’ll discuss features you want such as:

We’ll ask about any accessibility features you might need including options for wheelchair-bound children or those with Autism, sensory or cognitive disorders.

We’ll talk about the colors you like. We’ll ask if you have any particular theme in mind. We can design your playground around a variety of themes from trains or construction to pirate ships, aviation, woodlands, and many more. See Past Projects

We’ll talk about the site for your new playground and evaluate the space you have available.

Your Budget

After we’ve gathered information about the vision for your playground, we’ll discuss your available budget. Our goal is to maximize every dollar to create the most play value for your money. We can even create your project in phases so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new play area right away, while you raise the money for future expansion.

Your budget should allocate funds for the entire project including:

Playground Equipment
Your playground system components including slides, swings, climbers, and more.

Site Preparation
This includes any necessary grading or excavation to get your site ready for your new playground equipment.

After you’ve chosen your playground equipment, it will need to be installed. Fortunately, our experienced, in-house installation crew can take care of this for you. In fact, we include installation in our price for your playground system.

Installing an appropriate surface under your playground equipment is an essential safety feature that also makes your new play area more attractive. We offer a variety of playground surface options at varying price points.

Need help funding your project? Our funding page offers some great resources!

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Drawings and Specifications

After we’ve gathered information about your project, our design team goes to work to help you fulfill the vision for your new playground. We’ll create a custom design and provide you with detailed drawings. You’ll see your new playground from every angle in 3D color. We’ll work together to refine the design until you’re happy with it. We can even create large printouts of the final design specifications.

Installation Timeline

After you’ve approved the design, we’ll discuss site preparation, begin ordering your equipment, and get your installation on our schedule.

Ready to start planning your playground project? It’s never too early to get started! Contact us to discuss your ideas!