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Count on Us for all Your Playground Maintenance

The key to an inviting playground or park is maintenance. That’s why, in addition to playground design and installation services, River Valley Recreation also provides complete maintenance service to keep your playground equipment and play area looking great!

Our maintenance team works with schools, public parks, HOA’s, and daycare centers throughout PA, MD, DE, and NJ.

Top Off Wood Fiber

While wood fiber provides a natural look for your playground, it needs to be topped off periodically to keep it at optimum levels for safety and appearance. River Valley Recreation has a fleet of blower trucks that can replenish your wood fiber in minutes, saving you time and labor!

Playground Equipment Checks

Our maintenance crew can check over your playground systems and bring any issues we see to your attention. While this won’t replace the value of doing a complete safety audit and inspection, it can help you stay ahead of potential issues and solve them before they become bigger problems.


Remove chewing gum and grime the easy way. Our sanitation process uses gentle, low-pressure to safely sanitize areas in and around your play area quickly and easily. Plus, our process won’t damage surfaces the way power washing can.

Perfect for:

  • Playground equipment
  • Benches
  • Picnic Tables
  • and much more

Want to schedule regular maintenance for your playground or park? We’d be happy to discuss your needs! Contact us today!