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Playground Funding Options

One of the most challenging hurdles your playground project may face is raising the capital you need to purchase equipment and related services. There are many avenues available from state-level contracts and fundraising to grants, loans, and leasing options.


Fundraising can be a great way to raise the funds you need to complete your playground project or find additional money to expand your project. The money you raise doesn’t need to be repaid and can help you expand your budget without accruing interest or creating debt.

There are many ways to approach fundraising. You can choose to focus on a single fundraiser or bundle your efforts into multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

Here are two examples of fundraising companies who specialize in helping your organization raise the money you need: and

Contracts / Organizations

Many products and services can be purchased through state-level contracts, as well as contracts for federal facilities. River Valley Recreation partners with COSTARS and other organizations to help your organization leverage its purchasing power, making the funds you have go further.


Grant opportunities can be a great source of additional money to supplement your playground budget.


Get affordable financing or leasing options through Navitas Credit Corp. Learn More at


The DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC) builds connections between the citizens and the outdoors in Pennsylvania through recreation enhancement, natural resources conservation and community revitalization efforts. Learn More at

We can help you determine which funding options might work best for your project. Contact us for details!